Is 2021 the Year for Outsourcing IT?


For any company looking to improve security and tech solutions in the next year, in-house IT is your first consideration. While your internal IT department is helpful for help desk needs and on-site troubleshooting with employees, your business may need to outsource specific aspects of IT in order to achieve the functionality you are looking for.

Building security, being proactive, and advancing cyber solutions are all essential components of a managed IT team. And, you can either use the service as a combination of your internal IT team, or you can outsource everything.

Pros of Outsourcing IT

The benefits of outsourcing IT are endless, once you start digging in a little. We've analyzed them and compounded the top benefits here.

  1. Saving on personnel

    Your internal IT team is helpful, but when you add up the personnel expenses of salaries, benefits, and workstations, internal IT gets expensive fast. Outsourcing IT to manage workflows can save on personnel while still getting the same - or much greater - IT operations.

  2. Efficiencies of outsourcing

    Often, internal IT teams get completely bogged down working with employees on regular, ongoing complaints. Outsourcing can keep the team focused on staying ahead of security issues, addressing threats and vulnerabilities, and implementing critical updates.

  3. Quality of proactive services

    An outsourced IT team is paid to focus specifically on your IT management, in whatever capacity you need. You'll get consistent quality, proactive IT service to address issues, and see great benefits to your overall functionality.

How Managed IT Boosts Business

Managed IT uses the above benefits to allow you to focus on your business, not chasing around IT issues as they arise and reacting to every new problem or threat.

Now is the Time

Updating your IT solutions for 2021 means less time spent trying to figure out tech issues and more time spent building your business. Is this the year? We think so. Talk to Usherwood Office Technology today.