3 Copier Mistakes Any Business Can Make


Knowing that your copier is essential to your business and treating it like a critical device is sometimes different in a business. While you can't operate without your copier, it might be hard to remember to invest in proactive maintenance, understand costs, not have too many devices, and avoid improper use of toner and paper storage.

Copiers are critical, but you must control the device, the network, and the costs to realize the full benefit to your business.

Protect Your Equipment

The three copier mistakes to avoid include:

  1. Adding extra costs that are not calculated or unrecorded.

    If you accept a new cost but don't record it or add it into your copier budget, pretty soon, your budget for devices and copy operations is through the roof and you don't even know why. Have a balanced budget or a solid print management team to help you oversee costs and budget every month.

  2. Forgetting proactive maintenance.

    Proactive maintenance is no joke with copiers, and it starts with adequate cleaning and moves into using the right supplies and equipment. You can always work with your copier vendor to know what you need to do.

  3. Not investing in technology updates and security.

    Don't let technology pass you by! Staying ahead of features, upgrades, data issues, and security will be essential in keeping your machine functional. Ask the team at Usherwood Office Technology to be sure you haven't missed anything.

Keep Your Copier Running

The copier is a necessary aspect of your business. Don't let it break down when it's easily avoidable. Your team needs to be able to make copies to communicate with each other and clients, collaborate, and visualize what's next. Keep their productivity up with a functioning machine.

Operations Matter in Any Business

Continuity of business operations is essential, even when it means keeping the copier working. Contact Usherwood Office Technology to make sure you're doing everything you need to be doing - and get more ideas about how to stay ahead.