3 Reasons Managed IT Services Matter to Small Businesses


Managed IT and oversight of technology is a big deal for small businesses. From working on data security, tech management, software updates, and more, small businesses can quickly get in over their heads with IT issues.

That’s why managed IT is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to prosper without wasting employee time on IT issues that aren’t a good use of paid time internally. Managed IT involves outsourcing IT oversight to a professional company that focuses only on IT.

This way, small businesses can get more bang for their buck in IT management while also trusting the security. Managed IT is more reliable than asking someone on the team who isn’t trained in IT to work on it and can prevent many possible issues.

Small Business Priorities

Small businesses have cost and budget priorities that make outsourcing IT a fantastic idea. Instead of hiring employees, trying to manage it as a one-person team, or other potentially impactful efforts, outsourcing the project can bring security to your business.

In addition to security, managed IT is up to date, reliable, and covers a broad base of IT needs. Check out this overview of three key reasons why managed IT makes a big difference to small businesses.


The security of managed IT is two-fold – first of all, you can be confident that your IT needs are covered. Second of all, your data and online security are overseen by a team of professionals, making an effort worth its weight in gold.


The time efficiency of managed IT for small businesses is unmatched. Instead of wasting extra time and money trying to do the guesswork of IT, take care of it efficiently by outsourcing.

Cost Management

Costs are easy to control, predict, and plan for with managed IT, and you’ll be able to adjust your needs and budget with your vendor.

Managed IT at Usherwood

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