3 Things to Consider When Buying a Multifunction Printer

Sticky notes on table that say things to consider and the numbers one through three on another with a pencil and clothespins next to them

Your office multifunction printer is exactly that - a multifunction machine that serves the entire workforce. Do you give it enough focus in your office? As in, do you ensure that software updates are complete and, most importantly, equipment upgrades are in place?

If you haven't thought about it for a while, your equipment is getting outdated, or you know that there is better technology that you can leverage (there probably is, at the rate improvements have been made!), then consider an upgrade today. We've got some key things to consider with your machine upgrade lined out here.

Essential Printer Needs

What are your essential office needs? Do you need high volume? Extra security? Higher resolution or more advanced finishing features? Take a moment to ask your teams what would make their print workflows easier and more efficient - so you can save when you upgrade your equipment.

Critical Office Functions

Next, what essential office functions do you need to ensure your new printer will address? Password protected print, maybe? Integration with your managed print services? Mobile print? Take your employees' input and combine it with the managerial office functions that you'd like to update as well, and you'll have a comprehensive print update to boost productivity and company success.

The Top Three Overview

With this information, it's clear that the three things to consider when purchasing your multifunction printer are:

  1. Office volume, workflows, and connectivity
  2. Security and integrating security with your network devices
  3. User interface and productivity

And of course - overall cost! Reach out to us today to make the move toward a new MFP. Your team at Usherwood Office Technology is here to help.