3 Ways to Rock Your Next Video Conference

Video Conferencing

It's time to collaborate over a video conference again—whether it's with a colleague in the town over or with a customer on another continent—and maybe you're wondering how to make a good impression. There are complications that come along with video conferencing (awkward echo, anyone?) but with the right technology and a few helpful hints, you can be well on your way to getting the most out of your video call. Here are a few best practices to take into your next conference.

1. Check Yourself

It's easy to focus on the screen when you're in a video conference—and you should—but first, take a look at how you appear in your webcam. Are you hidden in the dark? Is your screen pointing up, giving everyone a view up your nose? Get yourself situated in a well-lit area and point your screen directly at your face. If you're conferencing with a potential client or another company colleague, consider choosing an area in your office that broadcasts your brand well and that looks tidy.

2. Use Your Headset

Nothing is more frustrating than repeating yourself over and over again due to low audio quality. Wear a headset with a microphone on it to minimize background noises and to help your voice come across clearly and consistently. Check your audio before everyone arrives at your call to avoid any delays related to technical difficulties.

3. Focus

It's easy to try to multitask when you're in front of the camera—after all, most of us multitask at our computers all day. But it's pretty distracting when someone on a video call is tapping away at their keyboard or is apparently checking their phone. Stay focused to project interest and confidence.

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