3 Ways Small Businesses Save on Print


Your small business considers every cost carefully, so you probably already know that print is the third-largest expense for many businesses (behind staffing and leases/office space.) This cost is something that, when monitored, can be managed very successfully.

Avoiding Print Problems

Print is an essential part of your business – you can’t be without the machine for a day without missing something important. That’s why staying ahead of print issues can be a money saver, just by reducing lost time.

Print problems take on a different tone when you consider how much it costs to have a chaotic print environment. That is a problem in itself! But – it’s an issue you can also get ahead of, by taking the following steps.

1. Cut back on excessive supply ordering

If more than one person is ordering supplies or orders the wrong supplies, you can waste way too much money on print. Take out the office middle man by streamlining orders to either be automatic or to go through one point person.

2. Reevaluate print policies

It may be time to take a look at your print policies. Do they address printing emails or personal printing in the office? Do they recognize which departments need to print more versus which departments print the most? If not, a print audit can help gather data to guide new policy versions that match both today’s printing environment and your cost savings goals.

3. Set a budget that you can stick to

Print budgets often get blown out of the water, month after month. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Using data from a specialized managed print team and a print audit, you can create a realistic budget that manages print issues proactively.

Find Solutions with Managed Print

Managed print is a cost-saving answer that addresses all of the above actions. Investing in managed print services saved many small businesses, almost 30% on their print costs. If that’s a savings you can use, let’s talk.