4 Reasons Your Hospital Needs Managed IT Services


Hospital infrastructure is critical data, and your hospital is a constant target for hacking and data theft. How do you prevent that?

One of the best ways to address IT and security issues in a health care environment is to invest in managed IT, an outsourced system oversees your IT operations, security efforts, software and data protection, and more.

Managed IT in Health Care

Data breaches in health care have tripled since 2017, with more than 25 million patient records being exposed in the first six months of 2019. This rate could continue as hackers find more sophisticated ways to steal data. To minimize the impacts and enhance recovery efforts from even small attempts at data theft, hospitals should look to managed IT.

Managed IT can provide cost-efficient solutions to security and network issues while providing an expert team for technology that will enhance your security.

Now is the Time to Invest in IT

Hospitals need to invest in IT now, especially if remote working - and telehealth - continue to be answers to global health care. Staying ahead of data breaches and hacks will be more critical as patients confide in providers online.

Do you want to know the four main reasons to invest now?

  • Security

    Hospitals must prioritize security and patient and employee privacy, and managed IT creates a specialized team to focus on this.

  • Compliance

    Staying compliant with HIPAA is much easier with a streamlined IT system working specifically on health care data.

  • Patient Communications

    Streamline and secure patient communications with stronger IT infrastructure from your managed team.

  • Information Management

    From reliable backups to searching for vulnerabilities, considering solutions to information management is critical.

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