4 Steps to Build an IT Security Plan

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In today’s regulatory environment, having a solid security plan is often required for compliance purposes. However, even if it’s not, information security is critical for any business that works with data – company data or client data. If you operate on a network and have information stored in the cloud, you’ll need a specific security plan in place to protect it.

IT security is essential because almost any angle of your business can be at risk for an IT hack. This seems unlikely but is a reality for many companies – in 2018, nearly 60% of businesses targeted by online attacks were small businesses. For all companies in today’s tech world, the threat is real.

Looking Out for Office Tech Security

Your technology is valuable, as is your business and customer data. To protect this information, a security plan is an invaluable tool.

To create an IT security plan, start with these four steps:

1. Evaluate current vulnerabilities

Engage with your IT team, employees, and even IT consultants to understand what risks your company faces specifically, and what global threats can impact you as well.

2. Research security offerings

IT security looks different now than it did even just five years ago. To implement the best solutions for your company, you’ll need to have a good idea of recent advancements, new threats, and where to focus your planning and time.

3. Create clear roles and responsibilities

Here’s something that’s forgotten in tech oversight sometimes – when teams think that “someone” is covering a topic, it often gets missed. Clarify who is focused on which aspects of business, and where you might need more support.

4. View technology office-wide

Technology is not just the software side of things, the network, or machines. It’s a little of everything, including the backend user support and online vulnerabilities. Make sure that your IT security plan considers every aspect of IT in your business – don’t leave any holes to get hacked!

Managed IT Can Help

Managed IT is a solution that works for technology consulting and outsourcing the problematic, more involved aspects of security. In order to address everything in a good IT security plan, your best bet is to reach out to the professionals at Usherwood Office Technology for assistance.