4 Steps for Choosing the Right Managed Print Services

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Managed print services are quickly becoming a must-have office solution for any business. You can't be spending a crazy amount of money on your print environment anymore, and managed print is the secret to print efficiency.

Start with What You Need

To get started with a managed print setup, you'll want to get an idea of what you need in your office. Is your print budget out of control? Does your spending change every month? Do you have excessive office printing? Evaluate your most significant print issues, and not only will you start to see where you can save, but you'll have some key questions to bring to your vendor partner as you select the best team to work with.

The Four Key Steps

Next, the four steps for choosing the right managed print team are:

1. Talk to the team

See who you'll be working with, what their expertise is, and how they've helped other businesses.

2. Review your current situation

Understand the reality of your current print situation, and discuss with your vendor what issues you see, and ask questions about how they will evaluate your print environment.

3. Discuss print audits and data collection

Data is a crucial part of savings, so gather information about how the team will complete a print audit and regularly gather data to keep your budget consistent, see savings, and keep your print environment in check.

4. Review an estimate of services and savings

Get an estimate to see how much managed print will cost and how much it can save you. Managed print pays off quickly, so understanding how the savings will add up is critical.

Where to Start

Kick start your managed print services by working with the right vendor partner - Usherwood Office Technology. We'll make sure you get exactly what you need at the best price.