4 Ways Managed Print Makes a Difference to Real Estate Companies


Real estate is booming with an active economy, a seller's market, and more agents than ever before. While the industry is enjoying a busy time, that means it's more important than ever to invest in the operations and workflow of your company to ensure that your team is as productive, efficient, and effective as they can be.

One of the aspects to consider is office management, especially the print environment – which can often be chaotic and costly. Managed print is a service that brings effective oversight to your print environment to bring costs, processes, and print habits under control. Are you intrigued by the option? Read on.

Print Oversight Boosts Productivity

Managed print is an asset to any business that needs assistance in office operations (which is almost every business).

Especially in a growth phase in real estate, it's essential to invest now in organizational tools that improve budget management for the highs and the lows of business. Here's how print management can help real estate companies.

Industry Insight on Print Management

1. Save time

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and make printing and communications (and managing your print!) quick and efficient.

2. Focus on making sales

Let your teams focus on sales and supporting sales. That's how businesses get successful – not by getting stuck in the details of office operations.

3. Free up administrative staff

Allow administrative staff more time to support your sales team, instead of troubleshooting print and addressing small issues as they come up, give your admin team answers.

4. Cut paper and supply costs

Reducing what you spend on supplies frees up more money for client interactions, advertising, and office space. Revisit your budget priorities – it's probably not printing paper.

Why Real Estate Needs Managed Print

Real estate companies need more ways to streamline operations and communicate with clients in a digital environment.

Managed print keeps your print environment in line while still allowing for all aspects of client interaction. Get in touch with the team at Usherwood Office Technology to organize your print today.