5 Printer Security Best Practices for Your Business

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Your business needs to implement protocols for security across various platforms - from network to devices to equipment. Establishing streamlined security within your office space is a key part of this, which includes printer security.

Protecting Your Business

Keeping your business protected from data threats involves every aspect of your office and operating system. For print security, you'll want to follow the five best practices below to stay safe, and also invest in managed print services for print and security support.

Best practices for printer security include:

  1. Secure print jobs at arrival to the printer using password-protected print.

  2. Use an encrypted hard drive that is regularly wiped and reset.

  3. Regularly analyze and evaluate printing practices.

  4. Only print from a secure network to ensure protected information flow.

  5. Establish regular print and network privacy and security protocols that proactively evaluate threats and problems.

Enlist Assistance

Setting up a secure print system is easy when you also work with a reliable vendor for managed print services. A managed print team will help you implement a secure print workflow to keep your information private and your printer activity safe. Through regular monitoring, evaluation, and analysis, managed print will stay ahead of print security for your in-office or work from the home team.

Support Security from Every Angle

Your business has many entry points for security hacks, so you have to be protected from every angle; that's where Usherwood Office Technology can help you get ahead. Talk to the team today.