6 Things to Think About When Buying Your MFP


Multifunction printers make your office an efficient machine. From combining all functions into one to streamlining traffic to simplifying supplies and management, the MFP is the machine for any size business that needs productive solutions and efficient office equipment to get the job done.

Investing in an MFP

You're ready to buy a new MFP or upgrade, so where do you start? With the right vendor partner - like Usherwood Office Technology, who has the experience, knowledge, and professional staff to help you get what you need - and with a little research both online and internally.

Check around with your employees to get their multifunction printer thoughts - what is and isn't working - and features they would love to have. Then you're ready to take the next step!

What to Consider

Critical things to evaluate when you are ready to buy:

  1. Functionality - do you need scan, copy, print, email, fax?
  2. Cost - what is your budget and are you looking to lease or buy?
  3. Network connectivity - check with IT to make sure you get something that will connect!
  4. Technology and advanced features - your MFP can make your office even more functional, so ask your vendor about what features would help your business.
  5. Placement - where will it go? How much space do you have?
  6. Support - is there a contract or agreement? What level of support will you prefer?

Where to Start

Time to move ahead with getting your business back on track and investing in a multifunction printer. Usherwood Office Technology is the place to start - let's talk today.