6 Ways to Choose a Managed IT Services Provider


Managed services can change the game in your business. Implementing managed IT services and other electronic outsourced systems like print management can shift the stress of overseeing operational departments off of your shoulders.

Figuring out how to optimize operations and cost while troubleshooting issues is a big deal and a challenge that you don’t have to face as a business owner consistently.

You can change the situation with managed services, but you want to get the right managed service provider – like any assistance company, they are not all created equal.

Managed IT Services Make a Difference

Managed IT services can improve your business operations from start to finish. If you’re not already convinced about the need for managed services, IT is a great place to start.

From reducing downtime to lining out your security plan, staying ahead of cyberattacks to protecting networks, managed IT services is worth its weight in gold.

Get a Service that Boosts Your Business

But again, you want to get the right service group, not just a service group. Here are six things to evaluate when choosing a managed IT services provider.

  1. Communication – remember, this is your business, and knowing what is next in the IT world is crucial. If there are any red flags early on, bail.

  2. Proactive Strategies – is the group on top of being proactive and seeking out possible vulnerabilities? You’ll get a good feel for this when you first chat.

  3. Data Backup Solutions – enough said.

  4. Regular Monitoring – this is one of the main objectives of a managed services group, so make sure the plan is solid.

  5. Cost Efficiency – you’ll know after a few months and an initial plan if the costs are working out in your favor.

  6. Growing to Meet Your Needs – it’s not a set it and forget it situation – you need assurance that your team will continue to meet your needs.

Choosing Usherwood Office Technology

Managed IT services are a major business decision, as your tech solutions can impact security, operations, and many aspects of a business. Get the right system with Usherwood Office Technology.