Benefits of Having a Managed Services Agreement

managed services

If your business doesn’t have an Information Technology (IT) department—or if your IT department is struggling—it may be tempting to hire freelancers to fill the gaps.

This may work for a few small problems, but any major repairs or long-term service needs can become very expensive—and extremely inconsistent if you hire different people every time.

Here are a few scenarios to help you understand the benefits of a managed services agreement.

No More Searching For Random Techs

Does your business call local freelance technicians or nerdy relatives when there’s a problem? Think about how much time it takes to lock in an appointment with an unknown technician, then the amount of time for a questionable service or repair.

For many businesses, dealing with the wildcard nature of freelance technicians is an expensive leak of repair funds. Unless you can retain a successful technician for far below their market rate, you may be paying premium costs on top of risking poor performance from an unknown tech.

By entering a managed services agreement, you can cut a lot of the guesswork and most of the premium fees. Instead of paying a freelancer extra money for gas, taking time out of their day, and being the only decent looking technician in the classified ads, you can benefit from both dedicated online technicians and better local vetting.

For all of your business network and remote technology needs, a managed IT services professional can log into your system and perform the needed tasks with standardized, tested performance. For anything that requires an on-site technician, you can ask your managed services team to provide one.

Reduce Service Costs With A Standardized Agreement

With freelance technicians, service costs aren’t as standardized as car repairs—and even car repairs can vary wildly if you’re not researching every related repair.

How much does it cost to start a new server or network from scratch? How much do online backups costs? How much does restoring from a backup cost?

Whether you’re looking at managed IT services for purely digital tasks or on-site repairs, dealing with random technicians exposes you to wild cost fluctuations.

Negotiate your rates ahead of time with the IT services team and get everything in writing. The agreement can cover a few angles to keep things fair between your business and the dedicated technicians helping you:

  • Cost per service
  • Number of services and repairs per payment period
  • Number of service and repair hours per payment period
  • Overage payment rates

Understanding how often and how long your managed services team can help you is vital for keeping your budget on track. While this may seem like common sense on paper, spending premium dollars on immediate or overnight emergency services can sneak up when adrenaline is pumping and fight or flight response is causing split-second leadership decisions.

Give your business, your budget, and your peace of mind some padding. Contact our managed services professionals and begin planning a partnership for growth.