Copiers at Law: Finding Perfect Copier Dealers for Law Firms

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Every industry has needs, goals, and processes that are totally unique. Even two companies working in the same industry will have different requirements in order to be successful--so why should all copier dealers treat all businesses the same? The truth is that they shouldn't, especially when it comes to the unique needs of law firms--and here's how to find the perfect dealer.

Simple Steps

As anyone who has ever tried managed print will tell you, there's no overestimating how important the right copier can be for your business. The same is true of copier dealers. With unique security needs and legal requirements that law firms have to handle, it's absolutely necessary to find a dealer who is ready for anything--so here are X simple steps to choosing the perfect partner.

Step #1: Narrow down your choices

When you go copier shopping, you don't want to choose a dealer--you want to choose a partner. Make sure you locate certified, professional companies who are interested in identifying and accommodating the unique needs of your firm.

Step #2: Do your homework

Next, it's time to buckle down and do a little research. Read up on any reviews, recommendations, and information you can find. Read positive and negative reviews to get a more complete idea about who you're dealing with.

Step #3: Ask questions

As you get closer to making the final choice, it's important to ask any and all questions you might have. Make sure the dealer is willing to answer everything professionally and enthusiastically; if they're going to "get tired of you," it's best to know upfront.

Step #4: Look at the details

Finally, measure each potential dealer by how well you think they'd fit with your unique needs and goals. What are their prices? Do they have special payment options? Are their service and maintenance contracts reasonable?

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