Copiers vs. MFPs


Technology is getting more and more complicated, and it seems like there's something new to learn every time you turn around. Printing tech is no exception. With countless different types of machines, it can be difficult to find out exactly what you need--so today we'll clear up the differences between two common devices: MFPs and copiers.

First Things First

If you've ever done any research into managed print practices, then you'll know that a printer fleet should be a carefully balanced ecosystem of machines that do exactly what you need them to do, without any unnecessary features or hidden costs. In order to make your print environment work for you, you have to understand it--and part of that is knowing exactly what needs to go into it. That's why it's important to know the differences between two of the biggest names in printer fleet technology: the powerful MFP and the reliable copier.


Copiers do exactly what their name suggests: they copy. It's important to note that, because copiers are single-function devices, they tend to have specialized features that will help you take your copying to the next level. That said, they aren't used very widely anymore, and when they are, it's as "backup" in companies that have multiple high-volume copy jobs in the works at once.


The good old multifunction printer combines print, copy, fax, and scan capabilities, plus some efficient extras like networking options and security software. They allow wireless printing and most can even connect to your mobile devices--and while they're good for multitasking, they're usually less specialized in each function so that they can offer a wider range of options.

At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide whether you need an MFP or a copier--or maybe both. For help with this important decision, contact us today!