Five Lesser Known but Critical Features of Office Copiers


Copiers are a major investment for any company, and it's essential to know that you are getting the right one. In research and purchasing a machine, you'll want to make sure you are able to maximize the benefits and the investment so your office runs smoothly and all employees have the tools they need to get their jobs done.

Copiers Equal Efficiency

Copiers can be major efficiency boosters when used right and when they have the right features. Below are examples of critical features, and you can also talk to your professional vendor team to see what's right for your business.

A copier that works right can streamline workflows and office traffic and help your team get exactly what they need to complete the project, present to the leadership team, pitch the idea, or whatever it is you need to build your business.

Key Features

Copiers have many features, and of course, the basics are included here. If you're just looking for a copier, that is of course critical, but you can also look into a multifunction device, which includes printing, scan to email, fax, and additional functions that can help your team succeed. Office copiers can help your business with the following features:

  1. Finishing features - stapling, collating, and other finalizing features can help your projects look refined.
  2. Productivity hacks - allowing direct print or editing, reprinting, and more can reduce trips back and forth.
  3. Extra security - password protection, hard drive wipes, and more can protect the machine from cyber threats.
  4. Consolidating operations - in a multifunction machine, you'll have all functions in one place.
  5. Building efficiency - allowing teams to operate quickly and efficiently with easy to use functions and interface.

Copier Pros to the Rescue

Get the experts to help you update or upgrade your office copiers to meet your needs. Usherwood Office Technology has a pro team ready to help you. Reach out today.