Fix or Upgrade Your Copier? 4 Ways to Know What to Do Next

Brown paper that has been torn and pulled back revealing the words What's Next on white paper that was underneath

When your copier goes down, it can knock the whole office off its schedule (and ruin at least a day's worth of productivity). So, what do you do next? You've called your copier dealer for service, but if it happens more than once every few months, it's probably time to think about your next steps with the copier.

Should you fix it or buy a new one? Just leave it to the team at Usherwood Office Technology to answer all your copier questions!

Copiers Can Be Fixed

First of all, copiers can almost always be fixed. With the right maintenance team and service updates, your copier can be saved and returned to full operation.

However, the question then becomes: how often do you want to call for service? If it's happening so much that your employees are losing productivity and office operations are impacted, it's time to consider the next option - it's time to upgrade.

Or it May be Time to Buy New

Don't be concerned if things are leaning this way. Today's copiers have advanced technology, security, and finishing features that will probably make your life easier when you do upgrade.

Also, you can talk to the pros at Usherwood Office Technology to make a few key updates when you invest in a new machine. Your purchase can help increase office productivity, boost efficiency, and build savings on energy and supplies. A copier upgrade might end up being a blessing in disguise!

Make the Call - and Get in Touch

Your office copier has an impact on business growth, productivity, and output. If you're ready to have success built into your business, you're ready for a new copier. Talk to the professionals at Usherwood Office Technology today.