Get Your Health Care Practice Ahead of What's Next with Managed Print


Health care practices have gone through a lot of stress in the last year, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing chaos to operations, finances, and general office functionality.

Of course in any health care practice, patient care is your top priority. This can mean that often - especially in a crisis situation - addressing office functions and the business side of your practice may have taken a back seat. One example is your print environment.

Without proper attention, print can get expensive. That's where managed print comes in - one thing off your plate and overseen by a team of professionals.

Managed Print in Health Care

Managed print in health care meets all compliance requirements like HIPAA while reigning in costs and maintaining your equipment. Health care practices are depending on printing documents, but the efficiency of the process can be greatly improved with managed print.

What does managed print do? Here are the basics:

  • Perform a print audit to understand costs and printing
  • Establish a reliable monthly budget
  • Save on print consumables and supplies
  • Create maintenance schedules
  • Assist with printing issues
  • Find savings across the office

Getting Ahead

Managed print is your ticket to get ahead in 2021. Your practice can stay focused on patients while increasing efficiency, productivity, and building savings into your budget. Make this the year that your health care practice is ahead of whatever comes up.

Time for an Update

Updating your health care practice can be challenging, but it's essential to stay on top of the competition and to be compatible with area hospitals and coordinated care. It's easy to make the shift when you work with Usherwood Office Technology - let's talk.