In-House vs. Managed Services

overview image of a group of desks or cubicles with employees working

It's the IT showdown of our time, and the contenders are ready: in-house IT vs. managed IT services. Let's find out which choice comes out on top--and which choice is better for your business!

Tech Trouble

Let's be honest: technology isn't always your friend. It can be picky, troublesome, and moody--and it seems like it's always failing when you need it most. The good news is that, while tech still isn't perfect, you have a couple of options when it comes to IT solutions.

Pretend, for a moment, that you're having the worst tech day of your life. Let's send in-house IT and managed IT services to the rescue and see who comes out on top!


  • Speed: In-house It is right there when you need it, simply because it's literally built into your business. (Plus, since employees are already familiar with your workflows and layout, there's no learning curve.)
  • Expertise: Your employees might be dedicated, but that doesn't mean they're tech experts. They can try to help with the worst tech day in company history, but they probably don't have the knowledge, skills, or tools to get the job done perfectly.
  • Cost-efficiency: At first glance, in-house IT might seem affordable--but what about all the employee hours spent on troubleshooting, connectivity issues, and other tech trouble? Your "bad tech day" will be even worse when you see the bill.

Managed IT Services

  • Speed: Managed IT providers are available 24/7. Sure, it might take some time for a technician to arrive, but you'll always be able to reach someone online or over the phone.
  • Expertise: The great thing about managed IT services is that it's like having constant access to a huge pool of knowledge. With experts in all kinds of tech fields at your disposal, your company's worst tech day is about to get a lot better.
  • Cost-efficiency: Managed IT services can be scaled to fit your needs. It can also help you find ways to save money by improving workflows, choosing better machines, and providing new tools and solutions. In-house IT just can't compare in this regard!

So, when it comes to tech trouble, which solution wins? If managed IT services seem like the way to go, contact us today to get started!