How to Cut Expensive Office Waste Habits


Reducing waste is a major cost-cutting measure for your business, but is also socially and environmentally responsible. ‘Going green’ is an initiative that matters and may impact your business flow, recruiting, and public relations more than you think.

For eco-friendly operations, looking at simple, budget-friendly ways to reduce waste first makes a lot of sense. You want to keep employees working hard while still finding ways to adjust from the old way of doing things – hard copy and in-person – to the new way – remote, mobile, and digital. The answer might just be in your print environment - managed print can shift your office to going green while saving money and keeping the workflow running smooth.

Check on Costs

Starting with a cost analysis makes a good case for where to make painless cuts. Printing is a section of the office where costs usually balloon easily and without much oversight. Managed print can help your business go mostly paperless while reducing waste. Also, the service does a print analysis and a cost evaluation to determine how much printing is being completed versus what is essential.

How Managed Print Can Help Cut Costs

Managed print can have a positive impact on your budget and your sustainability efforts. Almost 20% of all printed materials are wasted immediately, meaning that you can cut waste by 20% just by changing a few processes with your professional managed print team. That’s a major cost-savings, with a little effort.

Manage Your Print Budget

Stay on top of your print costs while reducing waste, improving sustainability, and building the budget management system that works for you. Your costs are your responsibility, and the best way to implement oversight where possible is with print management. Get in touch with Usherwood Office Technologies today.