How to Know When to Say Goodbye to Office Copiers


Office copiers are hardworking, reliable parts of your office, usually for years at a time. Knowing when to say goodbye to them can be tough--especially if you're worried about paying for their replacements. However, it's better to let copiers go while you're still fond of them than to wait until they cause catastrophic problems by failing--so here's how to know when to say goodbye.

Signs Your Copiers Are Failing

Let's say you have a fleet of the best-maintained, most gently used office copiers in the world. They're pampered with managed print services solutions and all the latest security tools, and you've never missed a software update since you rolled them in the door.

Even these copiers are destined to fail.

The truth is, technology doesn't last forever--and to make sure it doesn't fail and take your workflows down with it, you always need to know when to say goodbye. Here are a few signs that your copiers are ready to pass the baton:

  • They're not performing well anymore.

When copy quality starts to suffer, you know your copier is on its way out. Don't let those copies become unreadable; instead, start researching and budgeting for an upgrade.

  • They cost a lot in repairs and maintenance.

If your copiers are on "office equipment life support"--that is to say, costing way too much in repairs and maintenance just to keep them functional--it may be time to consider a new device.

  • They're slow and frustrating.

Technology gets slow as it ages, which can impact your workflows and productivity. Remember to replace your copiers before people are ready to go after them with torches and pitchforks.

  • They don't meet your needs.

At the end of the day, if you've outgrown your office copiers, it's time to say goodbye. They've served you well--now it's time to see what their new, advanced younger siblings can do for your company.


Although copiers are hardworking and efficient, they don't last forever. It's essential to know just when to replace them, so you don't get frustrated with them, but you also don't waste any good years--and to do that, just remember to look out for a few warning signs.

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