How Printers Can Benefit School Budgets


Academic institutions of all levels are always looking for ways to cut budgets but still offer an excellent product – and the very important product of education at that. However, balancing all the costs and needs of a school is incredibly challenging.

Luckily, there are a few ways that schools can reconsider simple business aspects of the institution to find savings.

For example, investing in a high-quality, capable multifunction printer (MFP) can have significant benefits for productivity and save money by getting away from inefficient print and equipment.

Schools Need Savings

Schools are always looking for ways to save, and here’s how an MFP can help:

  • Better use of supplies and print expenses - be more efficient with a streamlined print environment and print workflow.

  • All in one machine saves money on personal equipment - having a printer in each classroom may be a tiny bit more convenient, but it's way more expensive. Put one high-functioning piece of equipment in a central place for significant savings.

  • Efficiency wins for printing high volumes very quickly - the efficiency of an MFP just can't be beaten.

  • Less time waiting for copies and printing - teachers don't have a ton of time to wait, so help them get what they need quickly with a fast multifunction printer.

Better Workflows and Operations

The above benefits are helpful, and overall it’s important to realize that a good MFP can mean streamlined workflows and operations in your academic institution.

What does that look like at your school? Probably less time spent planning, waiting, looking for print functionality, and more time spent delivering materials and information to students – exactly what teachers love to do the most.

Help your school stay on task and build a better foundation for education by investing in the right equipment.

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