Is it Time to Outsource Your IT Needs?

managed IT services

Outsourcing your IT needs may not have crossed your mind, but as your business becomes more successful and your technology needs more complex, you may find it necessary to get some professional help. Hiring a firm to provide managed IT services helps you concentrate on your line of business, while the experts keep you connected and protected. Here are some top signs you may need to choose a qualified firm to handle your IT needs.

You Want to Create a New, More Secure Environment

With the number of threats that exist online, it's important to make sure you're protected from every possible attack. Scammers and hackers work overtime to find ways to steal information and wreak havoc with your infrastructure, including trying to access the back end of your website, sending viruses as email attachments and hacking into hard drives connected to your network.

Your Needs Are Growing More Complicated

A small business with just a few computers is easy enough to handle yourself, but as your workforce grows, your network will need to expand as well. You'll need an internet connection that can handle increased traffic, enough storage space for all your files, and a server that is protected from danger. An IT professional can ensure you have as little downtime as possible and experience few issues with connected devices, like printers and scanners.

Your Existing Team is Out of Its Depth

Your in-house IT team may be qualified to handle day to day issues, but not ready to address more complex issues. IT is a complex field, and it can be hard for your team to stay up to date on every issue that might arise. Having an expert firm to help with these issues leaves your employees free to address the other needs of your business.

If you are looking for a firm that can provide you with quality managed IT services in the Northeast, contact Usherwood Office Technology. Our team is qualified to set up or manage your network and keep your business connected.