Managed IT or Traditional IT?

managed IT

How can you tell if managed IT services is the solution your company has been looking for? One easy way to be sure is to compare managed IT services to traditional IT services. The differences--and the real benefits of managed IT--might just surprise you.

Managed vs. Traditional

When it comes to IT services, you want what's best for your company, your current needs, and your future goals. Sometimes, though, it's easier to say that than to find it. Managed IT services is an option that's taking the business world by storm--and for good reason. This innovative solution takes everything that traditional IT services has to offer and boosts the efficiency, professionalism, and budget-friendliness, making managed IT services a sure bet. But don't just take our word for it--look at a real comparison between managed IT and traditional IT services.

Personal Service

Traditional IT Services aren't very focused on personalized service. Chances are, you'll get someone who is good at what they do, but doesn't necessarily understand the unique needs and values of your company.

Managed IT Services are built off of personalization. In the beginning, you're assigned an adviser who will continue working with you--meaning that, as your goals change or you find new problems, your adviser is right there with you, learning and improving your IT environment.

Proactive Solutions

Traditional IT Services are focused on the here and now. The goal is to solve problems as they arise--which is efficient, but not necessarily the best.

Managed IT Services, on the other hand, functions with proactive solutions in mind. Problems are solved before you even realize they exist--and, on top of that, small issues never get to become big.


Traditional IT Services isn't always efficient, through no fault of its own. Because in-house IT often involves interrupting hardworking employees who don't actually specialize in IT, time and money can be wasted.

Managed IT Services takes the stress off your employees. Experts are always at hand and can answer your questions quickly and correctly--which means you save time, money, and stress.

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