Is Managed IT the Right Decision for my Business?

 Managed IT is a commonly used term in today’s technological climate. Before investing in managed IT, like investing in anything, it is important to know what it does and how it can be useful for your company’s operations. If your IT provider is insufficient in creating a servicing solution, this could have many negative impacts on your business.

For this reason, being well informed when choosing your Managed Service Provider can ensure they are the right choice and have a positive impact on your business. 

What is Managed IT and how does it work? 

“IT” stands for “Information Technology.” Managed IT means that all your organization’s internal IT is managed by a third-party company, who is commonly referred to as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). You, as the customer, will pay a monthly fee in return for their services. Typical services that are provided include management of your network infrastructure, end user support, backup, and security. 

When you choose to work with a Managed IT provider, you allow them full access to run diagnostics and monitoring on your network. This allows your MSP to point out security threats, map out the network infrastructure, and make recommendations about your network capabilities and any impact to your business. Your MSP will also constantly monitor your network ensuring that it is running smoothly and is protected from suspicious activity or breaches. This allows your company to concentrate on important business and not the day-to-day operations of the network. 

Benefits of having Managed IT? 

Securing the Future of Your Business 

Having Managed IT can reduce your company's risk of being hacked or running into security threats. By having your network monitored on a 24-hour basis, MSP’s can be the first line of defense if there is any suspicious activity within your network. Your MSP can be proactive by making best practice recommendations and ensuring that security vulnerabilities are identified and patched. This will provide your business with peace of mind that your network is secure, stable, and optimized for future growth. 

Promoting Growth and Efficiency  

Having a Managed IT provider allows your business to work more smoothly and efficiently. In most cases, the best fit for MSP’s are businesses that are looking to grow their company by utilizing their technology to leverage it for growth. This is because your MSP will be a trusted partner that makes recommendations for your network and implements them, all in a timely manner based on industry best practice. Regular and measured upgrades to your infrastructure will increase network uptime.  Network uptime is critical for your business to remain agile and productive. 

Trusted IT Support

By hiring a third-party IT company, you not only get the monitoring, the updates, and the trusted advisor, but you also get all the benefits you would have with an in-house IT department. That means help for your users with any of the technology issues they face day-in and day-out. Support calls, trouble tickets, and a friendly helpful face when needed, are some of the benefits you can expect. This also provides a skilled team to handle these issues without the overhead typical of in-house staff, like insurance and benefits.