Managed IT Tips: What to Know About KRACK Threat

wifi vulnerability

Earlier in the year, it was discovered that a new kind of threat is facing almost every Wi-Fi enabled device in the world--KRACKs (Key Reinstallation Attacks). These attacks exploit a weakness in the protocol used for Wi-Fi devices, which means that you'll need a little help from Managed IT to know how to stay safe.

What to Know

First things first: it's important to remember that, no matter how alarming the following information might be, you've always got an ally in managed IT services. With managed IT, you can prepare for today's threats and anticipate tomorrow's - all while improving productivity, cost-efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Now, onto the facts.

Since KRACKs are possible because of protocol problems, almost every Wi-Fi enabled device is vulnerable. This includes:

  • Computers *(Windows, Mac, and Linux)*
  • Mobile devices *(iOS, Android)*
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Security cameras

KRACKs are only possible when the attacker is nearby and on your network. This allows the attacker to observe all of your digital traffic and get access to any non-encrypted piece of information that you transmit using Wi-Fi, including all of your most sensitive information. Luckily, you aren't helpless in this situation. Managed IT services can help you create a security plan that includes all the proper updates for fixing this weakness across your devices, as well as "testing" updates (applying them only to a few devices so you can back out if something is wrong). This means you'll be protected against KRACK threats of all kinds and will be safer against future threats as well.

KRACK threats aren't the only digital dangers your devices are facing. Let managed IT services help you get secure--contact us today!

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