Managed IT: Understanding Data Breaches

data breach

Remember that old saying, "know thy enemy?" That's more important than ever when it comes to data breaches. If you understand the anatomy of a data breach, you can more easily defend yourself, your business, and your customers from all the digital threats swirling around out there--so let's get started with a little help from managed IT!

Where to Begin?

The first thing you need to know about data breaches is that, although they are formidable and have already been a problem for multiple big-name businesses, it's not impossible to fight back. Managed IT services makes it easier to understand your unique needs, create individualized goals that will help you boost security, and find new ways to make sure you're protected against ever-changing threats. Before you get started on that, though, it can be helpful to understand exactly what a data breach looks like.

Here are the steps a potential hacker would go through to attack your data:

#1: Research

The problem with digital criminals is that they're exceptionally smart. They will do all the necessary research to find weaknesses in your security--whether that means people, networks, unprotected printers, or any other seemingly-minor oversight.

#2: Attack

Once digital criminals decide how they're going to attack you, all bets are off. They will try multiple methods to gain access, including attempting to trick your employees on social media or via email--or even attacking your network.

#3: Data Extraction

Finally, if your security fails and a hacker gains access, it's time for your data to be rifled through and extracted for sale and exploitation.

Sound a little scary? Don't worry--managed IT services can help you find ways to make sure digital criminals don't even get to step one. Contact us today to find out how!

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