Managed Print Can Prevent Hacking and Theft


Hacking printers is becoming a huge problem for companies of all sizes. Printer hacking is easier than other network access points and can cross brands and industries.

Printer hacking can involve stolen data, document theft, broken hardware, disconnected networks, and more. Updated printers and multifunction machines that are specifically network connected are major vulnerabilities.

Print Oversight for Security

Managed print services are the number one way to provide reliable security for your printers and printer network to avoid hackers and online theft. Printers can quickly become compromised, especially because they do not have the specific oversight necessary for a proper security plan.

With managed print, you need to talk about options with your managed print team, and you can review all levels of print security plans – it’s integrated into the service, so it will be much easier than you think to implement.

Protecting All Aspects of Your Office

One of the first things that your managed print team will do is evaluate the security of roles and responsibilities around print, understand necessary levels of authority, and change authentication and privacy settings to match your print needs.

Managed print will also assess your network, create a print security strategy, and review your existing fleet to check for vulnerabilities. Systems and software are also part of the plan, and all systems will be updated to ensure proper protection.

Setting Up Your Managed Print

Your managed print solutions need to meet your office needs and also provide high-level, advanced protection for security and other modern print concerns. Reach out to Usherwood Office Technology today to learn more.