MFP Tips: The Importance of Paper

printer paper in tray

These days, most businesses are paying attention to paper--but usually, their goal is to get rid of it. Paperless (or almost paperless) offices are great for the environment and even better for your budget, but before you can achieve any of that, it's important to understand the role paper should be playing in your workflows. Let's take a look!

Why Paper?

You might be surprised to know that most of today's best business solutions, like document management, aren't always about "getting rid of paper." Instead, these solutions help you work with your powerful MFPs to use paper in smarter, more efficient ways. Paper isn't necessarily going out of style--we're just learning how to rely on it only when necessary and organize, secure, and distribute it with precision to minimize waste.

The good news is that, with these MFP tips, you can make sure that paper is only making positive impacts in your business.

  • Proper paper

One of the best things about MFPs is that they can help you with just about anything. However, before they can do that, they need the right paper for the job. Make sure you know what sizes and weights of paper your MFP can work with so that your print jobs are effective and efficient.

  • Better machines

Another way to put paper to work for you is to make sure that you have the right machines for your needs. Different MFPs have diffrent combinations of print, copy, fax, and scan capabilities--so if your printer is letting you down, it might be time for an upgrade.

  • Smarter solutions

Remember, it's not just about the paper itself--it's also about how you use that paper. Solutions like document management or managed print can help you streamline your paper workflows, cut out unnecessary steps, and minimize waste so that you save time, money, and the environment.

With the right MFP, it's easy to make sure you're using paper in all the most efficient ways. Contact us today to find out more!