The Multifunction Printer and Traffic Flow: Answers You Need


Are your multifunction printers in the ideal locations in your offices? This may be something you haven't considered before, but traffic flow to and from an MFP can be a big deal for increasing efficiency and workflow for employees. Some offices put the MFP in the main area or one with oversight, but it might not be a location that sets your team up for success.

The Problem

When a printer is too far away from the highest volume users, it creates distractions that cost the company a lot of money in time. Every time employees make the trip to the printer, they also are away from their workstation and that alone can be a major distraction in the office. Take a few tips below to evaluate the location and traffic flow of your office MFP.

The Process

The simple process for evaluating location includes:

  • Ask employees who use the machines the most how convenient (or distracting) it is to access the MFP.
  • Map out your office layout including machines, departments, and workspaces to have a visual reference.
  • Understand the use of the machine including volumes, department printing, urgency, and more.
  • Redesign the process - maybe a few times - to make sure that it's working for your employees, instead of causing problems.

You may have to do this process a few times, over a couple of months to get it right. However, it's worth the effort. Identifying the ideal location for your office equipment can make productivity soar and employees will appreciate the investment in their workflow efficiency.

The Solution

Placement of the MFP in your office and efficient traffic flow can impact productivity, workflow, and employee efficiency. Make it easier to get the work done. At Usherwood Office Technology, we can help you get it right.