Printer Security Issues and Cyber Attacks


Printer security and cyber threats are a very real part of any business operations today. Ensuring that your multifunction printer or MFP has the best protection to keep your company data safe is more important than ever before.

What You Need to Know

Printer security is no joke. Data can be stolen from your printer, your printed products, or your hard drive and it's possible you wouldn't even know. Now is the time to invest in a quality printer with high-level security if you haven't already.

Here's what printer security looks like in your business:

  • Password protected printing so your documents don't sit on the machine.

  • Regularly wiping the hard drive of critical data.

  • Ensuring network protection covers the transfer of information from the computer to the printer.

  • Encryption of data being sent to the printer.

How to Protect Your Business

Ready to protect your business? The first step is upgrading your MFP to a version with functional security features to keep your documents protected and your data safe.

Then, you have to implement the features and work with your vendor partner to make sure that you are leveraging all security options with your new printer.

This might take a little employee training, but it's worth it.

Prioritize Print Security Today

Print security is not an optional fix, it's a must-have solution to protect your business. Let us help you - Usherwood Office Technology knows printers. Let's talk.