Should You Purchase or Lease? Best Copiers for All Companies

buy or lease

Copiers are essential pieces of equipment for your business, and any business. People need documents, agendas, contracts, files, flyers, and agreements, and they often need multiples. Clearly the need for copiers is undeniable in the work place.

That said, there are lots of different ways to invest in a copy machine or to select one. Which features do you prioritize? Do you buy or lease? Everyone has questions about copiers because unless you’re in the industry like we are at Usherwood Office Technology, you probably only think about copiers when you need one.

Copier Features

Take a moment to really evaluate how your office uses your current copy machine, and what features would improve productivity, efficiency, workflow, and equipment use.

Then, talk with your vendor partner about available features – they can help pair you with the machine that fits your needs. Doing the research is a key step in getting the perfect machine for your business.

Buy or Lease

Then, think about if you should probably buy or lease your copy machine. Are you looking for a one-time purchase that you can set and forget? Is your business pretty stable and doesn’t need to or like to upgrade equipment often? Then buying is probably right for you.

Or, are you looking to spend less money up front and maybe upgrade as your business takes off? Is it easier to imagine starting with one copier now and then figuring out what you need and making a change soon?

If this rings true for you, leasing is a good option, so that you have the flexibility to make changes – just double check your agreement.

Copy Options

Start with Usherwood Office Technology – call or email and let’s ensure your company – any size, industry, or location – has the copy solutions you need.