Three reasons why Microsoft Teams might be right for your business

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a communication platform built on Microsoft 365. It is an application that allows you to communicate and collaborate with others, for work, projects, teaching, or other common interests. Teams has many capabilities including unlimited chat and search, online meetings, and video calling. Collaboration features allow you to create, upload, share, and save documents all within the platform. When you implement Microsoft Teams, you can expect it to come with many of the legacy Microsoft applications such as:

  • Microsoft 365 group
  • Exchange Online shared mailbox and calendar
  • One Note Notebook
  • SharePoint online site and document library to store team files
  • More office 365 Apps

Three reasons why Microsoft Teams might be right for your business

Improve communication between your team

Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate with others instantly. Through their chat system, you can instantly send and receive messages from your colleagues or clients. Their platform also allows you to host meetings, live events, and audio conferencing. With Microsoft Team’s extensive communication features, you can manage everything from before, after, and/or during the meeting without having to leave Teams platform once.

Allow your team to have personalized experiences.

Every team is different. Therefore, why would everyone’s Microsoft Teams be the same? For that reason, it is not! There is no one size that fits all approaches on Microsoft Teams. When it comes to collaborating with your members, different applications on teams and third-party systems allow all members to have unique user experiences.

Eliminate the fear of the future

The way we communicate continues to evolve every day.  Global and environmental factors have a huge influence on this. All consumers want to be able to carry out their goals with ease.  Gone are the days when in person meetings are required. Microsoft Teams ensures that we can work and communicate from anywhere. For example, recently in the event of the global pandemic Covid-19, many employees and students have been forced to work remotely. The Microsoft Team’s extensive system allows collaboration with team members to be easy, whether its informal chats, professional meetings, or collaboration on project.

Microsoft Teams is the one pane of glass for all your needs.  It includes the actual meeting, a calendar to schedule meetings with attendees, and a chat to communicate with your members before and after the meeting. This makes teams a much more complex system than Zoom. There are hundreds of apps that can integrate with Teams allowing it to be a very versatile platform. You can also save all your files into Teams so that you do not need to go elsewhere to upload them. You no longer need to search through hundreds of emails for a conversation if you have Teams. All your private and group team conversations are saved right on the platform. It is a one stop shop for you and all your communication needs.