Tips on Getting Consistent Color from Your Copier


Do you dread making copies because you're never sure how they'll turn out? Is your print environment distrusted throughout the office because of inconsistent colors across different devices? Don't spend another minute stressing out--instead, get color consistency with these simple tips.

Copier Care

There are a lot of ways to get the most out of your print environment, but when you take a leaf out of the managed print rule-book, you'll see that the key to consistency, efficiency, and power is to personalize your approach. That's especially true when it comes to copier care. Not every device needs to be treated the same, but it's also important to make sure that different devices and different makes or models can still "play nice." That's where our simple color consistency tips come in. Using processes and ideals taken straight from the best-managed print practices, these tips will help you get perfect copies every time.

Tip #1: Understand the variables at play.

A lot of things can impact color consistency between different copiers and printers, including room humidity, paper type, equipment age, and even make and model. It's helpful to do a little research and understand all the variables at play in your unique workplace before setting out to make any big changes.

Tip #2: Calibrate your machines.

Want your copiers to play nice with your printers? All you have to do is calibrate. The calibration function on your devices creates a piece of paper with yellow, black, cyan, and magenta "examples" that show what color should look like from 100% coverage to 5% coverage. Scan this sheet, and your machines will understand your color preferences.

Tip #3: Pay attention to your paper.

Sometimes, color consistency issues are really paper issues. It's fairly common to use different weights, sizes, and brands of paper throughout your office, but when color is key, try standardizing all those variables for the best performance.

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