Use Security and Surveillance to Protect Your Employees

Use Security and Surveillance to Protect Your Employees

After somebody causes an incident in a building, questions always arise, “what happened?” “who did it?” “where did they go?” Of course, these questions can be very hard to reflect on and answer, even if you were at the scene watching. The sweatshirt you thought was red, now it is starting to seem pinker. Was her hair blonde? Or was it just a yellow hat? Trying to remember details about someone who entered and left a building, in an instant, can be difficult, especially when you are placed under pressure.

This is where technology can come into play and make life a lot easier. Cameras and surveillance systems can be the difference between having these questions answered or not. By using surveillance systems, you can go back to any day, hour, or minute that you are looking for. Many buildings could benefit from having a reliable security solution in place.

Four Reasons State & Local Governments Should Implement Security & Surveillance:

Protect Your Property

  • Visible deterrent against theft, burglary, vandalism, and property damage.
  • Prevent fraud.
  • Discourages inappropriate behavior.

Protect the Workers

  • Deterrent for employee and non-employee theft.
  • Ensure safety policies that are being followed.
  • Review claims of abuse or harassment toward employees.

Protect the Public

  • People want to be safe in an environment.
  • Cameras provide a visual signal that security is a priority.
  • Ability to observe constituent/employee interactions.

Peace of Mind

  • Knowing you have the right tool for the job.
  • Observe or review footage when it is most convenient.
  • It allows you to be in two places at one time.
  • Visual deterrent when no one is around.
  • “Record of business” by surveilling general activity of indoor and outdoor environments.

Have Your Security Cameras in the Right Place at the Right Time

Security cameras are often placed in areas where high-capacity events occur. The objective of any placement of a camera is to know the camera will provide the content you are seeking out. What will provide you with the best angle and achieve your security goals? Ingress and egress, points of exchange for goods and services, and expensive inventory in stock may be the obvious locations, but there is more that can be done to protect your people, property, and business.

What are important locations to watch with a surveillance system?


In an outdoor environment you will want an overview of the entire area. This can be a beneficial view of places such as a parking lot. This can assist police or firefighters if they need assistance to determine what happened and who is responsible. Stairways, steps, curbs, generators, and externally accessible service entrances are also important as it can deter bad behavior before it occurs.


In rooms indoors such as storage rooms, server rooms, and stairways, security cameras are also important where it can reduce loss and help support a safe environment for employees and customers. General surveillance in employee work areas can also be good as a few cameras overlooking the area do not single out any individual employee. In all these scenarios, selecting a camera that supplies the right features for the type of surveillance it will be performing is critical. An example is choosing the right field of view, which is the area that can be seen by the camera. A wider field of view may visually cover a larger area but may not supply a clear picture in any one place, so areas of high importance will be the same resolution as the wall of the building next door.

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