What is Microsoft Business Voice?

Contribution by Laura Flamik

Microsoft Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system in Microsoft Teams. Together, they deliver the most productive all in one communication solution that brings together calling, messaging, and meetings into a single application. This can be beneficial in three different ways.

  1. It allows you to save time and money. Reduces he complexity, training, and multiple logins by consolidating your apps to a single provider for your communication.
  2. Connect faster and easier. Start a call and schedule and join meetings more easily right from outlook.
  3. Simplify IT. Manage from the same admin console as the rest of your Microsoft 365 services.

Why make the switch to Microsoft Business Voice?

High-quality, reliable calling:

It will keep your business running smoothly with built-in redundancy and active load balancing for a 99.9% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft 365.

Security, privacy, and compliance:

Protect your business communications, no matter where they take place with built-in security, privacy, and compliance with Microsoft 365.

Intelligent call routing & management:

Work together to handle calls and voicemails, so no request falls through the cracks with multi-level auto attendants and call queues. A single application for calling, meeting, and messaging: Integrating calling and conferencing with meetings simplifies and streamlines communication for your business.


Scale your phone system by getting new numbers and adding users as your business grows with Microsoft's global cloud.

Is your industry the right fit for Microsoft Business Voice?

Microsoft Business Voice is designed for small and medium businesses using Microsoft 365 that are seeking a modern phone system.

Primary Characteristics

  • Medium size businesses (25-300 employees)
  • Uses Microsoft 365 as their primary productivity suite.
  • Uses Microsoft Teams.
  • Have multiple physical locations.
  • Higher use and growth of headset use.
  • More likely to have 2+ shared phones.

What is included in Microsoft Business Voice?

Business Voice includes a phone system, dynamic calling plan (3,000 mins/month), and audio conferencing.

Is Business Voice available as a standalone product?

No. Business Voice can be added onto Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include Microsoft Teams: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, F1, F3, E3, A3, and office 365 F1, F3, E1, E3, A1, A3. You can purchase up to 300 seats of Business Voice.

Can I use my phone numbers?

Yes, you can transfer your phone numbers from the current service provider to Microsoft Business Voice. After you port you phone numbers over, Microsoft will become your service provider.

Looking for Next Steps?

Microsoft Business Voice is a great way to improve business workflow and efficiency. If you are looking to implement Microsoft business voice, we are here to help! Reach out to us at 800.724.2119 or message us directly on linked to set up a non-committal informative discussion with a specialist.