Why Implement a Managed Print Solution?

A successful Managed Print strategy can solve a host of print-related difficulties, many of which business leaders may not even realize are an issue. Here are just a few of the ways Managed Print can help your business save valuable resources:

  • An optimized fleet: Get more from your print environment with an assessment of your fleet. The results range from more efficient workflows to reduced waste, fewer frustrating device downtimes, and a greener print environment, to name just a few.

  • Supply inventories: Proactive monitoring and alerts means you'll have the supplies you need in just the right quantities.

  • Job routing sends documents to the right printer for the job, saving your organization time and money.

Ask the Right Questions

Business leaders benefit when they take the time to formulate and then ask the right questions about printing needs within their organization. On their own, business leaders may not have the time or resources to ask the right questions, or even know what those questions should be. Managed Print provides the questions as well as the answers, resulting in an optimized print environment that serves company needs while reducing waste. Many organizations see cost reductions as high as 30% over their existing print spend.

Achieving Staff Buy-In

No Managed Print strategy will succeed without staff buy-in. Notifying employees of the changes isn't enough; they need to know how to get the most from your new Managed Print resource. A good follow-up to your initial notification is to assign an on-staff Managed Print project leader. Employees can direct their questions to the project leader who in turn make the everyday decisions required to make sure the entire organization is on board.

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