Before You Choose a Managed IT Provider


Choosing a provider for managed IT services is a huge choice, one that can affect everything you do with your printers, computers, and mobile devices. As a result, it's important to make sure you're getting the best provider--and to do that; you'll need to ask a few clever questions.

What to Ask

Not all managed IT services providers are created equally. Some have you in mind, which means that they keep you "in the loop" for everything and prioritize your needs and security over anything else. Others, however, will do only the bare minimum and leave your IT defenseless against threats like inefficiency, wasted time and money, and even hackers.

So how do you make sure you get a provider who's going to be on your side? Simple: you ask these questions first!

What kind of security do you provide?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask a potential managed IT solutions provider, simply because security is absolutely critical for everything you do. Ask them about anti-virus procedures and malware defenses, and make sure they're knowledgeable about a wide variety of digital threats.

Are you always available?

Good managed IT service providers will always be ready to answer questions big and small--and they should have response time data to prove it. If they can't get your systems functioning quickly after a failure, they're not right for you.

How will you keep me involved?

When it comes to your IT, you want to make sure that everything is running smoothly, which means you need to be involved in every step. Make sure potential providers are willing to work with you throughout every process and listen to your unique needs and goals.

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