Your Managed Print Audit Explained


Managed print services offer cost management, print oversight, and maintenance for print equipment, all in a streamlined and centralized location. Organizations have print equipment needs and high volume printing, but improving the organization, cost management, and analysis and understanding of print can help balance cost with productivity and make your print environment much better.

The first step to managed print is a print audit, which evaluates your current printing processes and pinpoints how print can be optimized operationally and for a balanced print budget.

Implementing Managed Print

Managed print services are simple to integrate into your office, and can save money on cost and print operations. By reducing supply use, creating print efficiencies, and cutting waste, managed print can help your business significantly reduce print costs without reducing your productive print output.

Again, cost-cutting and productivity improvement start with the print audit. Here is what your print audit will evaluate.

Print infrastructure

Do your machines provide the best functionality for your needs? Are you capitalizing on all the features provided by your printer? The best way to understand print infrastructure is to start with your print fleet.

Cost monitoring

How much are you paying for printing? Are your supplies the most cost-effective? Looking a the costs surrounding your printing is a helpful angle of the print audit.

Print volume and analysis

Volume and analysis of your print environment mean that the audit will consider essential printing, necessary tools, and print policies and procedures for cost impacts.

The Print Audit

Finally, the print audit brings information straight to you to take a look at the data and make the best decision possible regarding print.

Savings with Managed Print

Find additional office and equipment savings with managed print, starting with your print audit. The team at Usherwood Office Technology has extensive experience implementing managed print solutions for any organization – get in touch with them today.