Break-Fix Method vs Managed IT Services

 What is the break-fix model?

When you need IT help, there are two basic options to consider, break-fix or managed services. These two options are very different, therefore when choosing which IT service type, you would like to go with, it is important to know what can be expected with each method.

Why Managed IT Services is the Ticket to Success


Managed IT services are the way to get your business ahead in this ever-changing, technology-savvy environment. If you don't have top-notch, super reliable tech support, your business can go down faster than you think. Customers need consistency, convenience, and quick responses, and your IT is the baseline for this high level of service.

Looking to get a Network Assessment? Learn more about Usherwood’s Odyssey Discovery.

What is an Odyssey Discovery (Network Assessment) in 3 simple steps?

  1. An Odyssey Discovery is an assessment of your firm’s network infrastructure by our team here at Usherwood. We will begin with Usherwood engineers performing a scan on your network both inside and out to uncover everything from performance to security and many things in between.

Eliminate harmful germs on your printers and copiers with these simple tips:

It is important to ensure a clean and germ-free environment for employees. When it comes to sanitizing offices, one thing that can be overlooked is cleaning office equipment like copiers and printers that are being handled every day by a lot of people. For this reason, we have provided the necessary information to clean your copiers and printers without having to worry about damaging them. Not only will this decrease the risk of employees spreading germs in the office, but it will also keep office equipment looking as good as new!

Should you purchase or lease your office equipment?

Upsides of Purchasing

No Interest Payments

Purchasing a device can be a great decision if you have sizable cash reserves. A purchase involves a one-time payment for the price of the equipment. This eliminates the need to make interest payments over the course of a payback period, resulting in a better Return on Investment (ROI).


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