How to Know if You Have the Right Managed IT Services Provider


Teaming up with a good managed IT services provider is critical to your IT infrastructure and your business operations. If you want peak functionality to promote productivity in your company, working with the best in IT is an essential part of the solution.

You'll want to double check that your communication, backups, updates, and monitoring procedures are matching your needs and your IT solutions. More on these issues below.

5 Must Have Printer Security Features


Everyone takes digital security seriously in today's workforce, and that includes print security. Print security is a big deal in any business because your printer processes and stores a lot of data, and printers are network connected and more digitally accessible than ever before.

Print security needs to cover all aspects of printing while keeping your data protected. Read on for the features you'll want when you update or invest in print security for your multifunction printer.

Northwood School Starts the School Year with Confidence with the Help of Microsoft Teams

About Northwood School

Northwood is a boarding school located in Lake Placid, NY. The school includes grades 9-12, plus a post graduate year and offers competitive academic and athletic programs. There are about 190 students from all around the United States (and the world!) that attend and about 85% of them live on campus. Northwood is a very well-rounded educational institution, that helps students gain the knowledge necessary to sculpt them for future success.

Managed Print Adds Value to Any Business


Managed print can easily add value to your business while cutting major overhead costs. In today's economy, that can make a big difference in operations, profit, and survival.

Printing can be a huge expense in any company, and it requires a lot from your business - from supplies to machines, and from IT support to administrative oversight. That's why many businesses are investing in managed print as a solution to ease the burden of a traditional print environment and still complete all the printing tasks your business needs and providing the service your employees require.


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