Logisitics Manager - Syracuse Headquarters

Success Profile

Usherwood Office Technology is searching for a Logistics Manager to join our growing team. The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the transportation of products from one location to another, such as from loading docks to warehouses or warehouses to clients. The Logistics Manager must attend to many tasks to ensure that products are shipped and delivered in a timely manner. Usherwood provides a culture that rewards innovation and creativity while adhering to a strong discipline of putting our clients first.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Understanding planning, shipping, warehouse management and inventory systems
  • Supervision of in-house Set Up Technicians (out bound equipment preparation) and Delivery Coordinators (Managing daily routes/schedules of and deliveries)
  • Tracking the progress and accountability of all Delivery Drivers
  • Conduct a cost analysis within our own transportation fleet
  • Ensuring compliancy for all rules and regulation of the road for drivers
  • Tracking all trucks PM’s and maintenance, fuel efficiency reports, and route effectiveness
  • Responsible for delivery metrics

Prerequisites (Education, Experience and Certifications)

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field (preferred) or equivalent industry experience
  • Prior management skills preferred, but not required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Strong interpersonal and customer-service skills

Usherwood Office Technology is an Equal Opportunity Employer