Axis Communications

What is Axis?

Axis offers intelligent surveillance and security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the industry leader in network video, Axis continually innovates network products based on an open platform - delivering high value to customers through a global partner network.

Axis offers end-to-end surveillance and security solutions including video management software, network cameras and other IP products. The AXIS Camera Station Integrator is a toolbox that will change the way you work with surveillance projects and help you to save time and money.

Axis Video Surveillance Solutions for Education

Promote a safe learning environment that will leverage your school for future growth.

How can Axis promote a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff?

It is important that when people enter their school or institution, as a student, teacher, faculty, or visitor, they feel safe. Having an effective and efficient security solution is a great step to combat bullying, vandalism, theft, and absenteeism within your school, ultimately creating a more comfortable and successful learning environment.

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