How to Know When to Say Goodbye to Office Copiers


Office copiers are hardworking, reliable parts of your office, usually for years at a time. Knowing when to say goodbye to them can be tough--especially if you're worried about paying for their replacements. However, it's better to let copiers go while you're still fond of them than to wait until they cause catastrophic problems by failing--so here's how to know when to say goodbye.


Fix or Upgrade Your Copier? 4 Ways to Know What to Do Next

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When your copier goes down, it can knock the whole office off its schedule (and ruin at least a day's worth of productivity). So, what do you do next? You've called your copier dealer for service, but if it happens more than once every few months, it's probably time to think about your next steps with the copier.

Should you fix it or buy a new one? Just leave it to the team at Usherwood Office Technology to answer all your copier questions!

3 Tips to Get the Right Office Copier Vendor

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Your office copier vendor might seem like a no-brainer relationship - you buy a copier from them, and you're done. Right? Not exactly - when you work with a high-level vendor, you'll have a relationship that meets your needs for service and supply while ensuring that you have the best copy machine which meets your business needs. It's a more essential relationship than you may think, and having a good vendor can truly build your business.



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