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Usherwood Welcomes Ekrem Berbatovci as Tier I Managed IT Technician


It is our pleasure to announce Ekrem Berbatovci as a Tier I Managed IT Services Technician to the Usherwood team! Ekrem will be responsible for providing first level remote and onsite technical support to our customers.

Ekrem comes to us from ACR Health where he was an IT Services Associate. Ekrem graduated from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Network System Administration.

Safe IT Starts With You

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Data security is one of the biggest concerns in the business world. Everyone in your company is using mobile devices, sending and receiving emails, and using the web--which means that everyone in your company is responsible for the safety and security of your information. How can you make sure that your data stays safe with that many people involved? The truth is that safe IT starts with you.

Why IT Departments Love Managed Print

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Every part of a company can benefit from managed print services, but no one appreciates this powerful solution more than the IT services department. Copiers and printers are a huge part of the daily workflow, which means they can pose a lot of problems that waste time and money--but with managed print, your IT department will never have to stress about printers again.

The Future of IT Security is Human

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IT security is one of the biggest challenges faced by any company, big or small. How do you defend against threats that are always growing and changing? How can you cover all of your bases effectively when it's impossible to recognize and anticipate every problem? The truth is that the first line of IT security isn't complex tech or advanced software--it's human.

Managed IT Tips: Protect Data from Ransomware

Catching the rain on an Umbrella

We all know it's important to protect your data, but what's more important is having a strong plan for protecting against the different types of threats facing your most sensitive information. Ransomware, a type of malware that locks your data away and demands a ransom for its release, is just one threat your company faces in today's world--and today's managed IT tips will help you defend your data against this big danger.

How to [Finally] Take the Guesswork Out of Updates

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack impacted millions of businesses and organizations across the world. Of those targeted, a fortunate few managed to evade the attack. Was it simply the luck of the draw, or were there deliberate decisions leading up to the attack that left some vulnerable and others protected?


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