Managed Documents

About Us

Usherwood Office Technology is a leading regional provider of Information Technology solutions and IT services throughout the Northeast since 1976.

Managed Documents

The ability to store and retrieve documents within your company is critical to the success of your operation. Usherwood offers IT services and document management systems that allow you to electronically archive documents to a central storage repository with access availability tied in directly to your Microsoft security environment. Whether you store your documents by scanning or creating electronic content via applications, our solutions provide you with one interface to gain access to them all.

Who We Are


In the 1970's, Charles and Carol Usherwood began selling cash registers and calculators out of their home in Oswego, NY. Incorporated in 1976, they began selling office furniture, machines and supplies. By 1980, Usherwood had expanded its 
Oswego office to include copiers and typewriters growing to seven employees. In 1984, they opened offices in Syracuse and Seneca Falls with 15 employees. By the end of 1990, Usherwood had consolidated their branch offices into a main 
headquarters office in Syracuse. 

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