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How Managed Print and MPS Security Protect Your Business

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The digital age is still advancing and changing all the time, including threats, vulnerabilities, and potential hacks, and the positive changes that we enjoy in our workflows every day.

Is print security a stand-alone service? Not necessarily - you can easily combine your print security with the print environment overhaul that is managed print services, finding savings and improved workflows along the way. Read on!

But it is a good reminder that implementing print security is a critical part of the process and is essential for moving forward with technology in the digital office space.

6 Ways Managed Print Changes Your Budget for the Better

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Managed print will shift your print environment from a chaotic, confusing beast to a streamlined, affordable system. It might even seem like an impossible change if your print environment has been out of control for a while, but it is possible.

Why wait to make the change, then? Some businesses want to have a clear understanding of how managed print will make impacts on their budget before they move their print environment into an outsourced, professionally supported system. We understand that at Usherwood Office Technology, so here's a breakdown of six ways that managed print directly impacts your budget - in a positive way. As you read each one, you'll see the savings start to add up.

What are HP Workpath apps?

HP Workpath apps offer a variety of capabilities for streamlined digitization workflows and securing confidential information—while creating an intuitive user experience. The HP cloud connector apps can be used to scan to and print from a specific cloud account using the printer control panel. By providing a direct connection between the HP printer and the cloud account, the HP app optimizes workflows and worker efficiency.

Allows the user to scan and print from:

HP Roam, a serverless print management solution.

What is HP Roam?

HP Roam for Business is a universal business printing experience that reshapes how innovative organizations print. You can replace traditional, printer-specific drivers with an intuitive print experience that is simple to use, is scalable, and provides a natural experience across desktop and mobile devices. Customer and company data are protected by advanced security features such as encryption, authentication, and integration with HP ID.


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