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Outsourced Managed IT services VS. In-house IT support

When deciding between hiring an outsourced managed IT firm or investing in in-house IT support, it is important to first investigate your business needs. Business size, small, mid-size, or large, budget, and future goals are all important factors. After determining this, you can then start looking into the ways that these two options differ in what they provide and what they can do to leverage your business needs. We hope to help educate you on both outsourced managed IT services and in-house IT support, so that you can be confident in your decision-making process.

Combat insider threats within your company and keep your users and data centers secure.

What are insider threats?

Internal threats occur when users, who have authorized access to an organizations internal information, data centers, and computer systems, abuse this privilege. With great intellectual power comes great responsibility. Insiders who misuse their access privileges have the ability to commit fraud, intellectual property theft, data leaks, or release of trade secrets. The misuse or abuse of sensitive data can be a massive risk for companies.

Looking to get a Network Assessment? Learn more about Usherwood’s Odyssey Discovery.

What is an Odyssey Discovery (Network Assessment) in 3 simple steps?

  1. An Odyssey Discovery is an assessment of your firm’s network infrastructure by our team here at Usherwood. We will begin with Usherwood engineers performing a scan on your network both inside and out to uncover everything from performance to security and many things in between.

Benefits of Having a Managed Services Agreement

managed services

If your business doesn’t have an Information Technology (IT) department—or if your IT department is struggling—it may be tempting to hire freelancers to fill the gaps.

This may work for a few small problems, but any major repairs or long-term service needs can become very expensive—and extremely inconsistent if you hire different people every time.

Here are a few scenarios to help you understand the benefits of a managed services agreement.

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