Streamline Operations with a New MFP

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Your office multifunction printer is a key element of your accounting business. Having a machine that can do it all in one place, with top efficiency and cost effectiveness is critical for any business. Your MFP needs to match your office budget and print needs in order to leverage the investment and serve your team. Getting the right machine starts with getting the right vendor for any industry.

What is integrated scanning and why should I use it?

Content contributed by Dan Hernborg, Managed Solutions Specialist

What is Integrated Scanning?

If you are one of the many organizations that use a print management solution such as, uniFLOW or PaperCut, you may want to consider taking advantage of the integrated scanning options available. But first, let’s back track a little. Quite often I get asked, “I can already scan on my device, what do you mean by integrated scanning?”

The Multifunction Printer and Traffic Flow: Answers You Need


Are your multifunction printers in the ideal locations in your offices? This may be something you haven't considered before, but traffic flow to and from an MFP can be a big deal for increasing efficiency and workflow for employees. Some offices put the MFP in the main area or one with oversight, but it might not be a location that sets your team up for success.


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